Coloring Pictures

Here you can print out all the characters and other pictures and color them yourself.

Oskar und Geierwally
Oskars Zimmer

Be creative

Create your own ghost world. You can download many fun things here, print them out and design them yourself.

Check back from time to time, because we want to expand our downloads constantly.

Oskar's Room

Oskar lives in the attic of an old castle. He loves to look at the moon at night and think about the world.

But he doesn’t just dream, he wants to discover and understand the world. Unfortunately, that’s not so easy as a ghost, because you’re really only out and about at night when there’s nothing going on – or is there?

Oskars Zimmer
Geierwallys Labor

Geierwally's Lab

In Geierwally’s laboratory, things boil, bubble and explode when she tries out one of her 77 potion recipes. But usually something goes wrong.

But luckily she knows that lemonade and good friends can also give you superpowers.

Igor's Kitchen

Well, it’s not really his kitchen. But he is the man of the house and has to make sure that dinner is on the table on time every evening. So he spends a lot of time here, drinking his favorite tomato juice to enjoy life.

Igors Küche
Oskar Ausmalbild

Oskar the Ghost

Create your own Oskar! Is he really always just shy and white as if he just came out of the washing machine?

Maybe he just ate spaghetti with tomato sauce and is covered all over with red sauce.

Make up your own story and paint your Oskar exactly the way he fits into your world.

Witch Geierwally

Geierwally just loves her practical sneakers! But did you notice that she wears two different socks? What is your favorite sock color? What would you look like as the little witch Geierwally? Use your favorite colors to make Geierwally the way you want her to be.

Geierwally Ausmalbild
Igor Ausmalbild

Igor the Vampire

Igor is often a bit under stress. Therefore it looks like he has only 3 fun days a year. But this is due to his many responsibilities as an adult (ask your parents)!

Actually Igor is a loving and funny vampire. Therefore, paint him in cheerful colors, so that he looks at least once not quite so grumpy.